Food Tours

Cook like a local! Eat like a local!

Cooking Tour (5 hrs)

Do it yourself! Taste delicious Persian cuisine with hands-on experience like never before! Our professional enthusiastic team is there for you!

Saffron Ice Cream

Enjoy your afternoon in iconic Chaharbagh Avenue with a Persian traditional Saffron ice cream!

Lettuce and Sekanjebin

Try one of the oldest Iranian drinks, a magic mix of honey and vinegar with lettuce leaves on the side!

Kale Pache and Sirabi

Ever wondered how do sheep's head and legs taste? This is one the most favorite breakfast meals in Iran and you will never forget the taste!

Delo Jigar Gholveh

This is one the most fameous Kabobs in Iran made from lamb liver, heart and kidney.

Doogh & Gooshfeel

Doogh is a traditional Iranian drink and is sour. Gooshfeel is also an old Persian sweet. This strange combination of sour and sweet is unique to Isfahan! You won't regret it!


The most famous traditional dish of Isfahan. Biryan contains rich delicious meet served with traditional bread.

Khoresht Mast

A super Isfahani desert made out of yogurt, meat, saffron, pistachio, and barberry. An amazing taste you will never forget!

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