Isfahan Top Attractions

Explore best of Isfahan

Safavid Attractions

4 hours

Visit glorious 400 ears old Safavid attractions including the famous mosques, palaces, caravansary, schools, and famous Naghshe-jahan Square.

Seljuq Attractions

4 hours

Visit 1200 years old Jame mosque, 900 years old minarets, and Sheikh Bahai bathhouse.



Grand Bazar

4 hours

Visit one of the oldest and longest Grand Bazaars in the middle east and the schools and old factories inside the Grand Bazar.



Jolfa Axis

4 hours

Visit 400 years old cathedral in Isfahan and the Armenian district. Visit shaking minarets, Zoroastrian fire temple, and bird garden.



Night Package

4 hours

Enjoy visiting famous Isfahan's bridges and watching Iranian traditional sport (Zoorkhaneh).



Museums and Recreation

4 hours

Visit one the oldest Persian bathhouses, antique museum, Sofe mountain gondola, Najvan cable chair ride. See Isfahan form above!

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