Daily (8-10 hours) and half a day (4-5 hours) tours in Isfahan 

Code Name Description Duration
A Safavid Attractions Visit glorious 400 ears old Safavid attractions including the famous mosques, palaces, caravansary, schools, and famous Naghshe-jahan Square. half a day
B Seljuq Attractions Visit 1200 years old Jame mosque, 900 years old minarets, and Sheikh Bahai bathhouse. half a day
C Grand Bazar Visit one of the oldest and longest Grand Bazaars in the middle east and the schools and old factories inside the Grand Bazar. half a day
D East Axis An exciting day in the central desert located 130 km from Isfahan. Visit 900 years old minarets in that area and enjoy stepping on sand dunes and familiarize yourself with the life of people leaving in the desert. one day
E Jolfa Axis Visit 400 years old cathedral in Isfahan and the Armenian district. Visit shaking minarets, Zoroastrian fire temple, and bird garden. half a day
F Night Package Enjoy visiting famous Isfahan's bridges and watching Iranian traditional sport (Zoorkhaneh). half a day
G Museums and Recreation Visit one the oldest Persian bathhouses, antique museum, Sofe mountain gondola, Najvan cable chair ride. See Isfahan form above! two days


Airport Service

Code Name Description Duration

Isfahan Airport


From your hotel to the airport or v.v. 30 minutes

Tehran Airport


From your hotel to the airport or v.v. 5 hours


Intercity Transfer

Code Name Description Duration

Isfahan- Kashan


via the highway 3 hours
K Isfahan- Kashan (return) via the highway 3 hours each way
L Kashan attractions visit famous Fin bathhouse and garden and historical houses in Kashan. -
M Isfahan- Shiraz From your hotel to Shiraz. 7 hours
N Isfahan- Yazd From your hotel to Yazd. 4 hours
O Isfahan- Tehran From your hotel to Tehran. 5 hours


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